Monday, March 21, 2016

President Obama asks "What's up?" using Cuban slang over twitter

Answering the President's question...

Danilo Maldonado detained along with 250 others today in Cuba
Translating to English the phrase ¿Que bolá Cuba? means "What's up" and the reply is threefold: more repression, Venezuelan strong man Nicolas Maduro appearing with Fidel Castro on same day President Obama arrives, and a paradoxical and dangerous message to Latin America.
The above tweet is from Cuban independent journalist and former Amnesty prisoner of conscience Ivan Hernandez Carrillo who is based in Cuba and reports on the Cuban government's repression this Sunday: "#CubaDecide More than 250 activists and Ladies in White arrested across the island, preliminary tally before arrival of Obama this Sunday." Video footage of the detentions were widely disseminated over social media.
Defenders of the Obama administration's Cuba policy claimed that it was some sort of Nixonian realpolitik to drive a wedge between Cuba and Venezuela. Maduro's visit to Cuba on the eve of President Obama's state visit and now the appearance of the Venezuelan president with Fidel Castro are signs that the Cubans remain committed to their Venezuelan counterparts.
Three days before President Obama arrived in Cuba, a Chilean former Minister of Culture and former Ambassador to Mexico tweeted the above quote in Spanish which translates: "Paradox: After decades backing Right wing dictatorships in Latin America, now the United States could end up backing a Left wing dictatorship." 


  1. A major obstacle to harmony and prosperity: Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free. USA has been heading that direction for more than a century. This is why American politicians maintain a K-12 school monopoly.
    Educating the populace is very important, since propaganda and misinformation sustain tyranny.