Saturday, March 2, 2019

UN Human Rights Council covers up famine in Venezuela & places Che Guevara's image on display

Moral rot at the UN Human Rights Council

Mass murderer's image on display at the UN Human Rights Council
On  the eve of the start of observing the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this blog highlighted some of the shortcomings of the United Nations and called on UN officials to engage in a serious and "profound reflection" on their actions to ensure that they do not continue undermining their own mission.  Sadly, this advise was not heeded.

Ideas have consequences and those ideas are sometimes represented by iconic images. This is the case with the image of Ernesto "Che" Guevara and the philosophy of political action that he advocated and that others seek to emulate.  

It is disappointing and an outrage that the United Nations Human Rights Council would display the image of Che Guevara. The legacy of Che Guevara is a rejection of international human rights standards.

Consider that Guevara's claim to fame was the role he played along with Fidel and Raul Castro in installing a totalitarian communist regime in Cuba and attempting to spread this model using violent means in Africa and Latin America. Guevara was executed  summarily on October 9, 1967 in La Higuera, Bolivia after he and his band of guerrillas were captured trying to overthrow the government there and install a Castro style regime. His is a legacy of blood and terror that should be lamented not celebrated.

Despite this record, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided on June 18, 2013 to add “The Life and Works of Che Guevara” to the World Registrar. UNESCO is providing funds to preserve Che Guevara’s papers.

There are consequences to having Guevara as an exemplar. The UN Human Rights Council's longest-serving official Jean Ziegler is a Che Guevara admirer. Ziegler was appointed to the UNHRC in 2000 at the request of the Castro regime. He also created and won the "Qaddafi Human Rights Prize."

Jean Ziegler, Castro apologist, Guevara admirer, and UN official
This kind of moral bankruptcy extends beyond the symbolic to impacting the lives of millions.

UN experts continue to whitewash and cover up the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Venezuela.  On February 28, 2019 UN Watch's Hillel Neuer exposed the right to food expert's cover up of the famine in Venezuela.
In  the 1930s in Ukraine "journalist" Walter Duranty helped to cover up the deaths of millions in a famine manufactured by Josef Stalin's regime. Today so-called UN Human Rights experts are helping to cover up a famine in Venezuela.

Note to UNESCO and to the UN Human Rights Council:  Che Guevara is still dead. The sooner his ideas join him on the ash heap of history the better for humanity. Perhaps the United Nations should honor and celebrate the life and writings of Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas instead.

This would be one step in the direction of the moral regeneration of this international organization.

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