Monday, March 4, 2019

#CastroHandsOffVenezuela vs #CubaHandsOffVenezuela

Why I prefer to use #CastroHandsOffVenezuela over #CubaHandsOffVenezuela.
Down with Cuban Imperialism or Down with Castroite Imperialism
Yesterday I received an apologetic tweet over the use of the hashtag #CubaHandsOffVenezuela from ANDAMIR that said " #CubaHandsOffVenezuela John this message is not for you who have been on our side early on, [it]is for the criminal elite of the Castro Mafia. Longest tyranny in [Latin America].

Back on January 26, 2019 this blog published a post titled Down with Cuban Imperialism in Latin America. Therefore I do not have an issue with #CubaHandsOffVenezuela but upon further reflection thought that #CastroHandsOffVenezuela was a more accurate description of what is going on. Cubans have not been able to exercise their sovereignty in over sixty years and their country has been held hostage by the Castro family and still is today.

This is why today I say #CastroHandsOffVenezuela and #CastroHandsOffCuba. Castroite imperialism has been destroying Venezuela for over 20 years, Nicaragua for over 40 years, and Cuba for over 60 years. The Castro regime has also mutilated and destroyed Cuba.  2019 marks 25 years since the July 13, 1994 "13 de Marzo" tugboat massacre where 37 men, women, and children were slaughtered by agents of the Castro regime for trying to leave Cuba.

Castroism, a regime that spreads death, turned Cuba into a grave yard.
Therefore let us declare: "Down with Castroite Imperialism in Latin America!", "Castro Hands Off Venezuela!", "Castro Hands Off Nicaragua!" and "Castro Hands Off Cuba!"


  1. There is no doubt that some Cubans in Miami like you see reason to treat Castro as their Hitler because: (1) Fidel injected painful memories of the firing squads into Cuban exiles and some of their kids and grandkids, just as the Fuhrer injected painful memories of the Holocaust into the minds of Holocaust survivors and their descendants; and (2) just as Adolf Hitler wreaked mayhem in mainland Europe by conquering swaths of mainland Europe and the USSR & killing millions of Jews and other supposedly inferior peoples, Fidel wreaked mayhem in Cuba and Latin America by killing his opponents by firing squads and plotting failed efforts to export communism to places like Venezuela, Bolivia, and El Salvador. However, there is no such thing as "Castroite Imperialism" b/c Chavez and Maduro came to power in democratic elections, despite hailing Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as great and not evil, and Castro's plot to engulf Latin America in communism was as doomed to fail as Hitler's plans for Europe, Saddam's plans for a modern-day Babylonian Empire, and bin Laden's ambition to recreate the Islamic caliphate.

    That said, Miguel Diaz-Canel's ascension to power was bad news for you, Rubio, and Diaz-Balart because all three of you hoped that Trump's clamp down on some trade and travel to Cuba would make Raul Castro leave power. If someone asks you if Obama is to blame for setting in motion continued communist rule, then you should blame Eisenhower, our 34th president, because Ike thought that Castro was going to restore democracy to Cuba, only to turn against Castro after seeing him make friends with the USSR and turn the island communist.

    1. Davidow, the Left speaks of democratically elected regimes friendly to the United States as "U.S. backed" and also use the term "Yankee Imperialism." Therefore winning a democratic election and installing a dictatorship, as was the case in Venezuela, is more reminiscent of the process that brought Hitler to power in Germany through another democratic process. That was not the case in Cuba where a dictator (Batista) was replaced by another dictator (Castro) through force of arms.

      Diaz Canel does not have power any more than Osvaldo Dorticos did when he was president of Cuba between 1959 through 1976. The one who had the real power was Fidel Castro. Today it remains Raul Castro, who as head of the Communist Party of Cuba oversaw the drafting of the new Constitution and continues to call the shots.

      Lastly, my support for economic sanctions on the Castro regime is not that it will dislodge them from power but limit their ability to spread their subversion in the hemisphere.

      Is it just a coincidence that every time sanctions have been loosened and the regime legitimized that another Marxist regime has sprouted:Carter lifted sanctions (1977)Nicaragua (1979) and that was through force of arms aided by the Cubans and the Russians; Clinton sought engagement and loosened sanctions after the 1996 election and shook hands with Fidel Castro in 2000 Venezuela (1999) with rise of Chavez (who Castro had received in Havana and helped after Chavez was released for attempting a coup against Venezuelan democracy in 1992.

      Sorry I try not to compare dictators and their crimes. Not fair to the victims.