Monday, May 27, 2019

US State Department protests restrictions on Cuban prisoner of conscience Eduardo Cardet

"I regret that the EU does not require Cuba to stop being a totalitarian regime." - Eduardo Cardet, over twitter on September 19, 2016. The National Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement was released on parole on May 4, 2019 but remains subject to restrictions on his freedom.

Eduardo Cardet, May 2019

Protesting Restrictions on Cuban Political Prisoner Dr. Eduardo Cardet

The United States condemns the conditions placed on the movement and activities of Cuban human rights activist and political prisoner Dr. Eduardo Cardet. Cuban regime authorities not only unjustly sentenced Dr. Cardet to three years in prison after accusing him of criticizing former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, but now impose restrictions on his release. These restrictions seek to stymie Dr. Cardet’s courageous efforts to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for the Cuban people.

According to multiple international NGOs, Cardet is one of more than 100 political prisoners the Cuban regime currently and unjustly incarcerates. We denounce the Cuban regime’s deplorable prison conditions and continued abuses against Dr. Cardet and other political prisoners. And we call on the Cuban regime to release all political prisoners, immediately and without conditions.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. The Cuban regime’s continued arbitrary detention of Cuban activists and independent thinkers shines a light on its own cowardice.


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