Monday, August 29, 2011

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia's call to action for a free Cuba

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia

Just five days ago, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia founded together with other opposition activists who desire to finalize the democratic process in Cuba, the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) that has as its principal objective the massive growth of the nonviolent struggle for democracy. It is an organization that describes itself as nonviolent but not passive.

In the midst of the descriptions of violence and repression visited on Cuban pro-democracy activists this past weekend by agents of the regime in Cuba, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia made the following call to action for a free Cuba over twitter:
To democratize Cuba we should obtain the massive growth of the resistance. For the resistance to become massive we need rapid and effective communication with the populace.

To achieve change in Cuba, we have to reach the people. For rapid communication with the populace, we need the technical means.

We cannot advance more in the democratization of our homeland for lack of technical means and the resources for them.

There is no struggle for the good without loses and without risks. Who fears the risks never will achieve any advance in the struggle. Being careful is one thing, not risking is something very different. Great achievements are not obtained without great sacrifice.

Jose Daniel and the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) are right but this does not only apply to people on the island but off the island as well. Solidarity with those risking everything inside of Cuba is needed along with the willingness of people of good will to take risks for freedom on the island.

The images of Cubans losing their fear and demonstrating their solidarity with activists in the face of brutal regime repression is a challenge to Cubans and friends of freedom abroad to take the same risks.

Lets be clear, its a brutal, despotic regime and confronting it is not a safe thing to do that requires courage. However, if Cuba is to be free of this half-century long nightmare courage and risk combined with strategic thinking are key.

The original Spanish text is reproduced below from twitter with hyperlinks to the original tweets:

Para democratizar Cuba debemos masificar la resistencia.Para masificar resistencia necesitamos rapida y efectiva comunicacion con el pueblo.

Para lograr el cambio en Cuba,tenemos que llegarle al pueblo. Para rapida comunicacion con el pueblo, necesitamos de medios tecnicos.

No podemos avanzar mas en la democratizacion de nuestra patria por falta de medios tecnicos y recursos para ello. No hay lucha por el bien sin perdidas y sin riesgos. Quien teme a los riesgos nunca lograra ningun avance en su lucha.

No hay lucha por el bien sin perdidas y sin riesgos. Quien teme a los riesgos nunca lograra ningun avance en su lucha. Cuidarse es una cosa,no arriesgarse es otra muy diferente.No se obtiene un gran logro sin un gran sacrificio.

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