Thursday, April 3, 2014

Radicalized nonviolent student demonstrators practice more nonviolence in Venezuela

María Corina Machado in Brazil: "The regime is terrified of a nonviolent civic movement"  

Alex: "UN before your indifference, MY RESISTANCE"

National Assembly woman María Corina Machado is right the Maduro regime and their Cuban handlers are afraid of a civic nonviolent movement. Consider for a moment that since the start of this year in Cuba, a totalitarian state, they've had to conduct 2,900 political arrests. Consider that after Cuban opposition democrats gathered more than 11,000 signatures in a petition drive in 2002 for political reforms which the regime responded by locking up the majority of the petition organizers with prison sentences of up to 28 years, expelled students and fired workers who signed the petition more than another 14,000 signed the petition later the following year and again turned them into the Cuban National Assembly. The petition  and the effort to collect the signatures was called the Varela Project. Cuban state security and the murderous totalitarian apparatus of the Castro regime could not stop a nonviolent effort carried out by thousands of people.

8pm on April 1, BNG launch tear gas at protesters outside the UN

 Today in Venezuela a mass nonviolent civic movement is challenging the imposition of a totalitarian model in that country. The response by Maduro and his Cuban handlers has been a campaign of terror and abuse to provoke the democratic resistance into a violent response. So far they have failed miserably and are only demonstrating their sordid and despicable actions for many in Venezuela and in the world to witness. Propaganda and spin can only go so far and camera phones, internet, and creativity are documenting the regime crimes and getting the information out to the wider world.  As time passes the crimes of the Maduro regime will only become more glaring as will its illegitimacy.

Students arrested for camping outside UN offices in Venezuela

100 Students protesting the lack of international solidarity  set up a camp outside the UN office in Venezuela on March 24, 2014. Maduro's regime responded by sending in the national guard to disrupt the peaceful protests tear gassing students, burning tents, and  arresting peacefully protesting students. The response of the students singing the national anthem and a new and larger group of students taking over and replacing the tents destroyed by the Bolivarian National Guard in front of the UN headquarters in Venezuela sent a powerful message to the Maduro regime, the Venezuelan people and the international community: we are here to stay until our just demands are met.  

Daniel Pardo tweeted: "They attacked us last night and so we radicalized  and passed the camp to the streets," an activist in front of the UN.  Nonviolent students demonstrated their radicalism by practicing more nonviolence. Remaining disciplined in their nonviolence and radical in their defiance of the injustices that they are protesting is their best chance for success.

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