Monday, August 17, 2015

Normalizing relations with the Castro regime: Green light for more repression in Cuba?

"200 nonviolent opposition activists arrested today in Cuba only 48 hours after US Embassy was inaugurated in Havana." -  Yusnaby Pérez, August 16, 2015 over twitter

48 hours after Secretary Kerry delivered his remarks 200 Cubans arrested
 Forty eight hours after the flag was raised at the US Embassy in Havana on Sunday, August 17, 2015 two hundred activists were violently arrested in Cuba. Friday's message to the Castro regime was received loud and clear: lobbyists and business interests have the priority in this new relationship and human rights defenders aren't even welcome when it can negatively effect relations with the dictatorship. Unfortunately, this is the continuation of a policy that began in 2009 and has already claimed too many lives. Video below of some of the detentions this past Sunday.

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