Monday, February 15, 2016

Another reason that Cuba under the Castro regime should have remained on the list of terror sponsors

Hillary Clinton's emails: Hezbollah sets up operational base in Cuba

Back on May 29, 2015 the day the State Department removed Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror this blog offered ten reasons why it should have been kept on the list. On February 13, 2015 Vice News reported that in 2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been warned that the Lebanese Islamist militant group Hezbollah was setting up an operational base in Cuba to carry out attacks in Latin America that might also involve attacks on American diplomatic posts or banks there was revealed in an e-mail from September 9, 2011 that stated the following:
The Hezbollah office in Cuba is being established under direct orders from the current General  Secretary Hasan Nasrallah, who replaced Musawi in 1992. According to the information  available to this source, in preparation for establishment of the base, Nasrallah, working from  inside of Lebanon, carried out secret negotiations with representatives of the Cuban Government,  particularly the Cuban Intelligence Service (General Intelligence Directorate — DGI), agreeing to  , maintain a very low profile inside of Cuba. Nasrallah also promised to take measures to avoid any trail of evidence that could lead back to Cuba in the event of a Hezbollah attack in Latin  America.
This is another reason that Cuba under the Castro regime should have remained on the list of terror sponsors. The full document is available online here and click on the image below to read the portion mentioning Cuba and Hezbollah.

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