Tuesday, March 29, 2016

19 years without justice for Joachim Løvschall, the Danish student gunned down in Cuba by one of Castro's soldiers

 "The greatest incitement to guilt is the hope of sinning with impunity."- Cicero
Joachim Løvschall: 1970 - 1997

Joachim Løvschall was studying Spanish in Havana in the spring of 1997. He was gunned down by a soldier of the Castro regime in Havana, Cuba nineteen years ago today on March 29, 1997. The identity of the soldier has never been revealed to Joachim''s family. No one has been brought to justice. Joachim's family is not satisfied with the explanation offered by the Cuban dictatorship.

The killings and disappearances have continued but in Cuba over the past 19 years there is no independent press and a dictatorship that does not practice transparency. 

Alberto Romero 1976 - 2015
On January 8, 2015 Alberto Romero, a 39 year old Cuban American attorney from Tampa, Florida was found in Havana, Cuba dead, tied up with a family friend, beaten, stabbed and in Alberto's case one hand was severed.

Today, we remember Joachim and continue to demand justice for him and his family. Hopefully this information will assist others thinking of traveling to Cuba to take the proper precautions for themselves and their loved ones.

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