Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tell FIU not to pave over part of the FIU Nature Preserve for Athletic Practice Fields


"I argue that environmental problems must be addressed by all of us in our everyday circumstances, and should not be confiscated by the state. Their solution is possible only if people are motivated to confront them..." - Roger Scruton, Roger Scruton and Environmental Conservatism (2012)

The developers and administration at Florida International University are planning to build two athletic practice fields right over the FIU Nature Preserve. This would fill in an important wetland lake vital to the ecosystem, a Hardwood Hammock, and a Pine Rockland area. The administration already had a viable plan approved to build over a parking lot but then it became not-so-viable once they thought building over natural land was "cheaper." Please sign and let them know that you do not want this to happen.

How important is this? Read from Florida International University's office of University Sustainability concerning The FIU Nature Preserve
Founded in 1978 just six years after Florida International University first opened its doors , the Nature Preserve is one of FIU ’s earliest establishments and is a symbol of FIU pride. Embracing the university’s core value to be “responsible stewards of the environment, ” this conservation area serves as a tribute to South Florida’s rich natural history. Standing amidst the urban Miami landscape, this natural forest has enabled FIU to become the first certified Tree Campus in the state of Florida .
 We have until March 1, 2016  to save the Nature Preserve. Please sign and share.

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