Saturday, August 27, 2016

Victims of Communism Memorial Commemoration 2016: Cuba and how to educate Americans about communism

Revisiting the 2016 Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Commemoration 

Every June the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation hosts a Commemoration on the anniversary of the dedication of their Memorial. Their purpose is to honor the memory of the more than 100 million victims of communism, to celebrate liberty where it has triumphed, and to further the pursuit of a world free from communism.

In 2016 they started off with a briefing on the state of human rights and political developments in Cuba, featuring Mauricio Claver-Carone executive director of Cuba Democracy Advocates;  Sirley Ávila León, Civil and Human Rights Activist; Julio M. Shiling, author and director of Patria de Martí; and John Suarez, international secretary of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.

This was followed by a panel discussion by distinguished experts on the monumental task of educating Americans about communism which included: Murray Bessette, PhD Director of Programs and Publications, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation; Bruce Cole, PhD Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center; Hope M. Harrison, PhD, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, The George Washington University; Mackubin Thomas Owens, PhD Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor, The Institute of World Politics.

Paul A. Goble was awarded the 2016 Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom. He gave an important speech on the continued relevance of anti-communism in the 21st century.

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