Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Google slammed at Cuban National Gathering in Puerto Rico

 Cuban democrats reach consensus and denounce Google's complicity with the Castro regime.

II Cuban National Gathering in Puerto Rico
The second Cuban National Gathering in Puerto Rico gathered Cubans together from inside and outside of Cuba representing over 70 organizations to discuss the future of Cuba and how to better coordinate their efforts towards a democratic Cuba.

On April 8, 2016 this blog reported "Google goes along with Internet censorship in Cuba in order to have a presence there" and over the past weekend in Puerto Rico at this gathering of Cubans from the island and the diaspora a declaration was made public and the following was agreed to on item 4:
 Denounced the indifference of the company Google in violation of its code of corporate conduct and demanded that it establish a correct policy to provide wireless internet service with no censorship and without dependence on the regime in benefit of the Cuban people.
Hopefully this will send a message to Google and other internet companies wanting to collaborate with the dictatorship in Cuba as many did (and do) in communist China that they will also face public scrutiny and criticism.

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