Monday, March 26, 2018

Former Cuban prisoner of conscience and his mom badly beaten up.

Human rights defender was beaten and dragged handcuffed over the floor more than 50 meters in front of his mother.

Iván Hernández Carrillo badly beaten on March 25, 2018

First learned of the beating of this human rights defender through the tweeter stream of Rosa María Payá. Translated and retweeted it in English as follows:

Marti Noticias prepared the following report on the attack: 

"Kicking, the broken mouth", so the police beat unionist Iván Hernández Carrillo

By Luis Felipe Rojas

"They started against him. They beat him, kicked him, broke his mouth, dragged him down the street and put him in the jeep like a sack: they put him in there head first, "said Asunción Carrillo, mother of trade unionist Iván Hernández Carrillo.

"Kicking, blows in the face", described Lady in White Asunción Carrillo the beating her son received, the former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, at noon this Palm Sunday in Colon, Matanzas, when he tried to defend her from police forces.

The Ladies in White women's movement tried to reach churches in Cuba, from Havana, Matanzas and other localities in the interior of the country, but since March 20, 2016 the authorities have prevented it with a strong police operative.

Asunción Carrillo told Radio Martí that the arrest occurred very close to her home. "With violence, the cops grabbed me by the neck, they squeezed me by the arms," ​s​he explained.

When her son came out to stop the brutality with which they treated her "the police arrived".The woman described the outrage: "They started against him (Ivan). They beat him, kicked him, broke his mouth, dragged him down the street and put him in the jeep like a sack: they put him in there head first. " 

Asunción denounced that even handcuffed and inside the patrol car, the military continued with physically punishing her son. "Inside the jeep, the police kept hitting him in the face, then it was when they took him to the unit of the PNR (National Revolutionary Police)." 

Once at the police station, the Lady in White explained, they were taken first to a courtyard and then to separate cells. Before announcing that they would be released, they were fined 2 thousand pesos under the supposed crime of "disrespect" to the figure of the "leader" Raul Castro.
In a video published by the opposition Yisabel Marrero, Asunción recounted what they did with the activist when they arrived at the police station:
"At four in the afternoon (we were) released after so much abuse and so much injustice," lamented Asunción Carrillo.  The beatings against the Ladies in White take place every week, both in front of the national headquarters, located in the Lawton neighborhood of Havana, where its main spokesperson, Berta Soler, resides, as well as in the municipalities of Cárdenas, Colón and Los Arabos, in the province of Matanzas.  Iván Hernández Carrillo, 46 ​​years old, is a human rights defender dedicated to promoting the activities of independent unionism. For this reason he was sentenced to 25 years in prison in the well-known Black Spring of 2003. 
Currently, Carrillo holds the position of General Secretary of the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC).

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