Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fidel Castro: Nazi Collaborator

 Fidel Castro's Nazi Connection
Fidel Castro recruited former Waffen SS members to train Cuban troops in 1962
Over the past four years this blog has highlighted the sordid relationships between the Castro regime and all sorts of brutal, genocidal governments and groups the world over and the commonality of tactics used by this regime and its allies in their respective countries and at the United Nations.

Now with the release of formerly classified documents by the German intelligence service the world is learning that Fidel Castro personally recruited former Nazi SS Waffen members to train Cuban troops and that he also reached out to Nazi operativesOtto Ernst Remer and Ernst-Wilhelm Springer, in Germany's extreme right to purchase weapons.

It appears that after the Soviets, who grew fearful that Fidel Castro and his cohorts were hot heads all too willing to provoke a nuclear war, pulled out tactical nuclear weapons out of Cuba that the United States had not known existed that the Cuban dictator looked for other sources for support and training.

The Russians were right to fear Fidel Castro who sent Khrushchev a letter requesting a nuclear first strike in 1962 and twenty years later again asked his Soviet allies in the 1980s to launch nuclear weapons on the population of the United States which they promptly rejected.

After learning of Castro's willingness to enlist former Nazis his strategic relationship with the Argentine military junta that disappeared 30,000 leftists in 1970s and early 1980s should be viewed as not being an aberration but part of a pattern of embracing and seeking to learn from the worse human rights violators on the planet. Furthermore that the Castro regime's hostility to religious belief in general and Judaism in particular may not only stem from its communist roots but other equally evil associations.

The dictionary offers as one definition of Collaborate: " To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort." In a real sense Fidel Castro is a Nazi collaborator.