Thursday, December 31, 2015

SOS for Vladimir Morera Bacallao: Political prisoner held incomunicado on hunger strike

New Year's Eve in Castro's Cuba

Banner reads: Vladimir Morera Bacallao is dying "Freedom"
 On December 30, 2015 Pastor Mario Felix Lleonart was not allowed to give religious assistance to Vladimir Morera Bacallao while State Security carries out a campaign to discredit the political prisoner reports Cuban human rights defender Librado Linares. Nor can Bacallao's family be reached by phone.  On the same day five MCR-MOJD activists were violently arrested at the provincial hospital when trying to visit Vladimir Morera reported Librado Linares in a tweet adding that "Isolation helps to discredit." The news today from Librado on December 31, 2015 is dire. "SOS Vladimir Morera is mentally incoherent. The lack of glucose and B complex has affected the brain or the bad intention [ of state security].

Yesterday over the Cuban Reflection Movement's youtube account a video of a group of three activists placing a banner on a fence with the message "Vladimir Morera Bacallao is dying Freedom" was uploaded.

The plight of this activist has been denounced for weeks. In a December 17, 2015 open letter to President Obama his case was highlighted. On Christmas Eve this site outlined the circumstances of his plight and called for solidarity. Once again on December 28, 2015 this site outlined a course of three concrete actions to take to save his life:
1. Use the hashtag #SaveBacallao on social media and let others know about his plight. 

2. Call the hospital where he is currently being held [ Tel: +53-42-271234 +53-42-271256 +53-42-20105/81] and express your concern on his health status.

3. Ask your elected representatives to contact the Cuban government and have them express their concern on the plight of Vladimir Morera Bacallao directly. At the same time have them speak before their legislative body on the record regarding his plight.
Yesterday reproduced a more detailed post on his background and present predicament. Today I plead with you keep spreading the word. This is how New Years is celebrated in Cuba on the 57th anniversary of the nightmare known as the Cuban revolution.

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