Thursday, October 27, 2016

#WithVenezuela Mass protests across Venezuela demanding recall of Maduro held

SOS Venezuela: All eyes on Venezuela

Protests across Venezuela on October 26, 2016
Time Magazine describes the situation in Venezuela as explosive and The Washington Post reports that large anti-Maduro protests filled the streets of Caracas and other major cities across the country chanting Democracy Yes! Dictatorship No! Opposition activists placed the number of protesters in the street yesterday at 1.2 million.

CNN in Spanish revealed video of Laura Lara, Venezuelan woman dressed in White, beaten down and kicked repeatedly by Venezuelan security forces yesterday. An investigation into this assault has been requested.

Youth leader Ana Karina Garcia giving thanks to Venezuelans participating in the protests outlined over twitter the next steps the opposition will be taking: today they go to the National Assembly, on Friday a national general strike has been called and on November 3rd a march on Miraflores.

In Miami and in over 60 cities around the world protests where held in solidarity with the protesters in Venezuela using the hashtag #ConVenezuela (#WithVenezuela).

Last night Venezuelans gathered in Miami to show their support for a free Venezuela
This past weekend Venezuelan women took to the streets of their homeland in protest and despite the efforts of the Maduro regime to shut down spaces for political participation over a million Venezuelans took to the streets today in an act of defiance.

All eyes on Venezuela.

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