Sunday, August 29, 2021

The August 22, 2021 Great March in Miami organized by Cuban Freedom March: See Videos I and II by ProActivo Miami

Cuban Freedom March carried out their nonviolent action on Aug 22nd

One week ago today in
#Miami, a nonviolent protest organized by Cuban Freedom March was carried out in Miami. This video created by ProActivo Miami captured the moment. Please share it widely.

Prior to the march I reflected on its significance, and the importance and power of nonviolence. The power idea that opened the reflection was taken from the late Czech dissident Václav Havel:

"If there is to be any chance at all of success, there is only one way to strive for decency, reason, responsibility, sincerity, civility and tolerance, and this is decently, reasonably, responsibly, sincerely, civilly, and tolerantly."
Below is an earlier and shorter version of the ProActivo Miami video. Please let us know which is your favorite.

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