Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leopoldo López Mendoza call to action on #22M

Tonight over the course of a half an hour, imprisoned opposition leader, Leopoldo López Mendoza, denounced the latest actions by the Maduro regime, issued a call to action and asked Venezuelans to remain strong in their resistance and firm in their nonviolence. Below is a copy of this twitter page and tonight's tweets followed by a translation of the text. The big news is the call for a massive demonstration on March 22, 2014.

TR Dictatorship shows it's cowardice. Its days are numbered. Today it kidnapped my brother San Cristobal Mayor

T Dictatorship thinks it saw protests in Tachira, it's mistaken. Nonviolence & firmness, now is when tachirenses will be felt

T Solidarity with , know you aren't going to get tired fighting the dictatorship. You will fight until you win

TR I summon you Saturday to a new stage: show the world, how many of us are willing to fight for Venezuela's liberation

T Call on you to send a message to those who accompany Maduro in power to understand there are not as many bullets as free minds

TR The path is clear: we double the nonviolent force & transform the spontaneity in organization & action to conquer Freedom

T Call on country to keep and raise the pressure to break the dictatorship, for it to know that it is impossible to force a false peace with bullets

TR Strength Venezuela! We are on the right side of history!

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