Monday, March 3, 2014

Music Freedom Day in Cuba

"During 2013, the human rights organization Freemuse registered 19 musicians killed, 7 abducted, and 18 music creators imprisoned. There are many reasons for organizing the annual ‘Music Freedom Day’ 3rd of March, which puts focus on musicians’ rights to freedom of expression."At least one of the 18 is a Cuban. His name is Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga.

Rodolfo Ramirez, rapping name El Primario
Freemuse has documented the plight of punk rocker Gorki Águila imprisoned for two years and threatened with new trials for his anti-government lyrics and Cuban rappers Rodolfo Ramirez, known by his rapping name as El Primario brutally beaten by regime agents and Angel Yunier Remon Arzuaga, known best as “El Critico imprisoned and brutalized since March 2013.

Rapper imprisoned since March 2013
This is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to imprisoned and brutalized musicians in Cuba under the Castro's music has been systematically censored in what amounts to a Cuban cultural genocide that is depriving generations of Cubans of their heritage.

Below is a mash-up of musical styles with Gorki Águila and El Primario collaborating on the song ESTE AÑO SI SE CAE (This year it will fall).

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