Sunday, November 7, 2010

From Spain: A Call to Action for 13 Prisoners of Conscience


To all the people with love in their hearts, to all who dream of a world with justice and equality

There are currently 13 people in Cuba that have spent the past seven years in prison solely for demanding the rights of all Cubans.

The military junta that rules Cuba had agreed to release them before November 7. Less than 24 hours remain to meet this deadline and the Cuban regime shows no signs of fulfilling its word.

Holding them up to this instant in prison is itself an act of torture for them and their families. Nor should we wait until the deadline to demand their freedom

For these reasons we appeal to you to join the emergency campaign called FREE THEM NOW (LIBEREN LOS YA)

We ask you to spread the news about what is happening to these innocent people in Cuba. Use the resources you have at your fingertips. Go to local and national governments, to your representatives in parliament. Ask them to take an interest in these our brothers.

And remember that if this campaign succeeds 13 humble Cuban families will regain hope.


From Spain,

Antonio Díaz

José Miguel Martínez

Former Cuban prisoners of conscience now exiled in Spain
Christian Liberation Movement

Original Spanish text

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