Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cuban dissidents released from arbitrary detention, one with dilated kidney and bleeding from beatings

“An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.” -Mohandas Gandhi

Idania Yanes Contreras had been beaten up and arrested on October 31, 2011 with Antúnez as they visited a hospitalized hunger striker. Released on November 3 she had to go to the hospital to receive treatment. She was suffering from an undetermined infection and the aftermath of the attack by regime agents. She was back home yesterday still suffering the effects from the physical assault by Cuban state security agents: a dilated kidney and bleeding.

On November 11, 2011 at 7:32pm Jorge Luís García Pérez "Antúnez" was released from an arbitrary detention by agents of the Cuban government and tweeted the following:
Just been released after 72 hours, if this is a strategy of attrition as officer Azaharis says, we accept the challenge. As for the Front "the streets belong to the people" is more than a slogan it is a matter of principle.

In less than 30 days suffered 3 arrests of up to 72 hours, this is the repressive balance faced in recent days. If this is not political repression that someone prove otherwise to me.

The minutes of the Central Opposition Coalition (CCO) is concerned with the delicate state of health of our leader Idania, right kidney dilated and bleeding from police beatings.
Guillermo Fariñas Hernández nearly an hour earlier, at 6:38pm on November 11 reported via twitter:
Idania Yanez, already in her home in Santa Clara. With a dilated right kidney with bleeding from beatings. - Farinas
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern over recent attacks suffered by Idania Yanes Contreras in Cuba on November 10,2011.

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