Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cuban opposition leader arrested and home ransacked this morning

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Cuban opposition leader Antúnez arrested whereabouts unknown. Witness to the arrest is released and recounts what took place. 
Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” detained and home ransacked

“A senior official whose name I do not know said he did not know whether “Antúnez” will return or is going to prison " 

Placetas . February 5, 2014. Cuban Democratic Directorate. Loreto Hernández García , brother of Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez”, Cuban opposition leader of the National Civic Resistance Front Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and who was arrested this morning with him and Donaida Pérez Paseiro, explains the circumstances of the arrest to the Directorate by telephone:
"Today February 5th a high level operation of the political police with fire trucks, six patrol cars , five trucks , approximately four skid trailers of police arrived here at nine o'clock in the morning at the home of Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” Placetas and automatically detained Antunez and took him away . And entered the house and said they had orders to conduct a search. They took Antúnez and Donaida Pérez Paseiro. The political police painted the house blue, the whole house, all the signs were painted over. And they took the television, the computer, they have even taken the pots. They took it all, and what powerfully catches my attention of this that is happening, is that a senior official whose name I do not know said he did not know whether Antúnez returns or is going back to prison [ ... ] I am the brother and I was also arrested . And when all things were being taken, I was brought in handcuffs from the police station to here.”
 From the first moment the information reached the Cuban Democratic Directorate the phones of the activists in Placetas were disconnected, and communication was difficult. Early reports emerged that Yris Pérez Aguilera, leader of the Rosa Parks Movement and Antúnez’s wife, was arrested along with Antúnez, but it was later confirmed that Yris had left the house around six in the morning traveling to the city of Pedro Betancourt in Matanzas. This is what Yris had to say when reached by her sister in law:
"I'm denouncing that today, February 5, 2014, I went out in the early morning hours from my home on Calle Séptima del Sur #5, between Paseo Martí and Primera del Este, and at the outskirts of Placetas I saw patrol cars , command cars , special brigades , patrol cars, police motor cycles , and I told Xiomara Martín Jiménez who was with me , I have a feeling they are going towards my house . I directed myself to the house of Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya to participate today in the vigil and at this very moment I learn from my sister in law, Bertha Antunez Pernet, that my husband was arrested, my home had been robbed by State Security. I am at this moment in Aguada de Pasajeros. I 'm heading to State Security to find out the status of my husband. I'm holding responsible the Castro regime for whatever may happen to my husband, or to any of the activists and even the activist Xiomara Martín Jiménez and to me as of this moment."  
In late January 2014, international human rights organizations sent an open letter to Ban Ki -moon, the Secretary General of the UN, where among other subjects questioned the house arrest Antúnez was subjected to prevent him arranging documents to participate in the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy to be held in late February in Geneva, Switzerland.

Antúnez and Yris Pérez Aguilera
The Cuban Democratic Directorate launches an appeal for help to international human rights organizations for the life and physical integrity of Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” and Donaida Pérez Paseiro arrested in Placetas today. Below an interview with Antúnez following International Human Rights Day on December 11, 2013.

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