Monday, July 20, 2020

Christian Liberation Movement recalls legacies of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero and organizes masses around the world in their memory

Eight years without Oswaldo and Harold.

Regis Iglesias, spokesperson for the Christian Liberation Movement, on July 19, 2020 spoke in a webinar organized by Christian Democrats on Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero on the legacy of these two Cuban martyrs and the ongoing work of the movement in which they had leadership positions.

Conversation with MCL's  Regis Iglesias on anniversry of Oswaldo and Harold's death
Iglesias also published an essay on July 15, 2020 titled Without Oswaldo and Harold where he laid out the case that what happened on July 22, 2012 was an extrajudicial killing by Castro's secret police:
"This July 22, eight years will have passed without the Cuban regime giving answers about the deaths of Oswaldo Payá, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement and Sakharov Prize laureate of the European Parliament 2002 and of the young activist Harold Cepero while traveling by road to the east of the island.

Oswaldo and Harold were accompanied by the then president of New Generations of the Popular Party in Madrid, Ángel Carromero and the Christian Democrat Swede Aron Modig.

From Carromero and other witnesses who could see Cepero alive in the hospital we found out from the first moment that it was an organized crime and executed by the repressive forces of the Cuban regime that had been following them throughout the trip.

Also the sloppy official version itself is a lie due to the irreconcilable technical contradictions with which they tried to make us believe that it had been a traffic accident.

Carromero himself after his return to Spain claimed that Oswaldo and Harold were alive when he was taken from the scene by the forces of the political police.

After a light blow from the car that was following them, Ángel was able to brake and when he was going to complain to his attackers, he received a pistol blow to the temple, losing consciousness until he was introduced to another vehicle that took him to the hospital. This was confirmed with monosyllables from prison and using the consul's cell phone in Kirpatick, who had come to visit the current president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado.

Carromero told all this to the Spanish and North American press, but no one listened to him, no one has supported him on his return, and the crime has gone unpunished."
The Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) organized a mass for their martyred compatriots on  July 17, 2020 in Havana, and on July 19th in Guanabacoa.
MCL on July 22, 2020 is also organizing masses that are currently scheduled to take place in Madrid, Miami, Berlin, Key West, Hialeah, Rome, Alicante, Paris, Texas, and Mexico.

Eight years have passed, and the memory and legacies of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero remain strong, and so does the demand for truth and justice with over 8,790 signatures gathered demanding an investigation. If you have not yet signed then please do so here.

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