Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five more young protestors in Venezuela found dead, shot in the head

Pattern of student protesters being shot in the head continues
Yasmir Tovar (L) and Arianyi Garcia (R) found shot in the head
Luis Arianyi García and Yamir Tovar were found dead and gagged in Catia by the BNP Saturday morning at 2:00am according to Mildred Manrique.

 Beatriz Adrián reported that the families of Yasmir Tovar and Arianyi Garcia confirmed that they are in the Morgue. Two students appeared dead in Catia. They were "Resistance" youth. Yasmir Tovar was seen by friends Friday in Plaza Brion. Confirmed that he said he was going to a gathering in Altamira.

Yasmir Tovar and Arianyi Garcia were friends say their families that according to the case file were found dead in Catia. The mother of Arianyi and the brother of Tovar went to look for them at SEBIN they were told to bring clothes and mattress. When they returned SEBIN told them it was a mistake. That there was no Yasmir Tovar. They went to the morgue and found both of them.

Spoke with Arianyi's mother and with Yasmir's brother in the morgue tonight. They say they do not know what happened.

Mildred Manrique reported over twitter that Luis Arianyi Garcia was with Yasmir Tovar and that both died from bullets to the head. They were both opposition protesters. Yamir also had a bullet in the back. Both youth (Yamir and Luis Arianyi) had their hands tied and were found next to each other.

Manrique cleared up some rumors circulating when she reported that Yasmir Tovar and Luis Arianyi Garcia were not arrested by the PBN and neither were they in Helicoide, that is false.

Jhon Barreto Ramírez (21) found dead shot in the head
On February 19th the body of Jhon Barreto Ramírez (21) was found in an advance state of decomposition in the state of Táchira. The youth studied at the National Experimental University of  Táchira (UNET). Barreto had a bullet wound in the head reported La Patilla.

José Daniel Frías Pinto (20) and Julio Alejandro García Adonis (22)

 La Patilla also reported that this past February 17 students José Daniel Frías Pinto (20) and Julio Alejandro García Adonis (22) of the University of Los Andes (ULA) were found dead in a thicket in Zulia state. Both were handcuffed with signs of torture and were shot in the head.

This troubling pattern of shots to the head of student opposition activists was first observed in February of 2014.

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