Thursday, February 19, 2015

Geraldine Moreno shot repeatedly with iron pellets at close range by the Bolivarian National Guard

23 year old college student standing in her doorway attacked by National Guard died three days later

Geraldine Moreno (23 years old) before and after the attack
Brutal February 19 attack destroys 23 year old women's face

Liseth Madía, cousin of Geraldine Moreno Orozco, recounted to El Universal that the 23 year old university student and athlete from Carabobo was shot repeatedly in the face by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) on February 19, 2014 during a demonstration in the area of the Naguanagua municipality in the Tazajal sector. "That was around 8:00 pm in front of her house in Bayona Country I residences, she was assaulted in a cowardly manner with a weapon that fires pellets, which were not plastic but of iron."

Geraldine Moreno who was in her fifth semester of Cytotechnology at Arturo Michelena University, was with four friends and from her residence they watched the persons protesting on the corner of the street where there was a barricade when six members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) on motorcycles arrived on site to disperse the demonstration.

Everyone present ran. "She (running) turned when the persons behind her came and she fell because they shot at her and fired near the face, then when she tried to stand up they fired again into her face and that is when they destroyed all her visage," said Geraldine's cousin Madia .

She died three days later from her injuries

At 12:43pm on February 22, 2014 the student from Valencia, Geraldine Moreno, died.  She died from the wounds generated by the pellets fired at close range into her face by members of the National Guard who destroyed her face and one eye.

One year later

Geraldine's mom Rosa Orozco seeks justice for her daughter
According to the Panam Post four military functionaries have been arrested and are on trial for the killing of the 23 year old studis no longer independentent. On January 8 the hearing for the functionaries implicated in this murder was deferred for the sixth time. Unfortunately, the judiciary in Venezuela is no longer independent and is subject to the whims and designs of the executive which means in practice Nicolas Maduro. 

Geraldine's mother, Rosa Orozco in a February 5, 2015 interview with NTN24 denounced the judicial delays and recalled the circumstances of her daughter's murder: "Those GNB fired into Geraldine's face, she was peacefully standing in the door way of her home and some GNB arrived shooting." ... "Finally she asked the Ombudsman to dedicate himself to all the victims"and work to resolve the cases of the 43 victims of the violent protests that took place between February and June 2014."

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