Sunday, March 1, 2015

Supermodels partying with tyrants

Celebrities promoting tyrants
Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor in 1997
 Back in 1997 supermodel Naomi Campbell was being gifted African conflict diamonds by Liberian war criminal Charles Taylor. In 2010 due to her relationship with this tyrant she had to testify at his war crimes trial. In 1998 Naomi Cambpell described Fidel Castro as an "inspiration" and meeting him as "very spiritual." She's also hung out with Castro's disciple Hugo Chavez. describing him as a "rebel angel" that poses "no threat to democracy."

Naomi Campbell, Charles Taylor and Fidel Castro Diaz Balart in 2015
Now the British supermodel is back in Cuba with her gal pal Paris Hilton and hanging out with Fidel Castro Diaz Balart at a cigar festival in Havana.  Paris Hilton was visiting the family hotel seized by the Castro regime on June 12, 1960.  Wonder if 12 years from now Naomi will be at another war crimes trial this time with members of the Castro family on trial?  The other question that arises will the Hilton family get their hotel back?

Either way the plight of the Cuban people on the island goes unaddressed and the dictatorship now courted by the paparazzi remains unaccountable, but as was the case in Liberia that can change and the celebrities partying with tyrants can also be held accountable for their behavior.

May the dictators in Cuba suffer the same fate of the dictators in Liberia after partying with Naomi Campbell: a war crimes tribunal and lengthy prison sentence after being ousted from power nonviolently by ladies dressed in White

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