Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Venezuela is imploding

The crisis in Venezuela

Wounded protester surrounded by riot police (Univision/ Getty Images)
 In an earlier post on this blog the case was made that Latin America is now imploding.  No where is this more evident than in Venezuela. There are food riots and grocery stores being ransacked and looted by desperately hungry Venezuelans. Dumpster diving is an all too common occurrence to survive in what was once a wealthy oil producing country. Is this the Socialism of the 21st century promised by Hugo Chavez? Well, it looks a lot like the communist misery of the 20th century complete with political show trials.

Searching for food in the garbage to combat hunger in Venezuela
The democratic opposition following constitutional safeguards is organizing a recall drive to remove President Nicolas Maduro from public office in Venezuela. The opposition has gathered millions of signatures and today called for mass peaceful protests.

Maduro's security forces block path of nonviolent demonstration in Venezuela
 Today, the Maduro regime's response demonstrated its dictatorial sensibilities in blocking peaceful marches, carrying out brutal physical beatings amounting to physical torture and death threats against prominent opposition activists and their families. University students have been arbitrarily detained for calling for Maduro's recall.

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  1. Holy shite.
    This sea wave of despair is soon coming to the shores of America as people look for any way to flee.
    Comunism at its worse.
    I pray for the people of Venezuela for their nightmare to end soon.