Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All eyes on Venezuela today: Opposition takes to the street in support of Maduro recall

Opposition calls for massive and nonviolent protests in the streets

Despite President Maduro's state of emergency in order to silence and intimidate dissent the opposition is taking to the street at 10:00am today Caracas time and one main gathering point is the Plaza Venezuela.

This at a moment when Maduro is calling the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in Brazil a coup, despite the process there being constitutional, and one that Rousseff's party had backed in removing a previous Brazilian president from power.  He has also recalled the Venezuelan ambassador to Brazil in protest.

At the same time Nicolas Maduro is claiming that there is a global media "hate" campaign against Venezuela. Let us review the real crisis in Venezuela which is caused by the Maduro regime and its Cuban advisers:

Maduro is threatening to dissolve the democratically elected National Assembly because members are rejecting the state of emergency, which would limit political freedoms.

Opposition leaders, including students, continue to be shot in the head in Venezuela, with the most recent documented incident being on May 5, 2016.

Nonviolent opposition leaders, such as Leopoldo Lopez, have been subjected to show trials and arbitrarily detained for years.

There is no independent judiciary in Venezuela. Judges are expected to do the executive branch's bidding and if they follow the rule of law can be imprisoned and raped.

Venezuela is imploding and the Maduro regime and its Cuban handlers are responsible. Shockingly the Secretary of State of the United States now views Cuba as a partner in stabilizing Venezuela despite the fact that it is the Castro regime that is responsible, in large part for the mess there.
All eyes on Venezuela today when the opposition is taking to the streets and the Maduro regime is threatening civil and political liberties there.

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