Monday, February 13, 2012

Remembering Laura on her birthday

"We are going to continue. We are fighting for freedom and human rights.” - Laura Inés Pollán Toledo (September 24, 2011)

Laura Pollán should have turned 64 today in Cuba

Cuban Lady in White co-founder Laura Inés Pollán Toledo was born in Cuba on February 13, 1948 and died under mysterious circumstances on October 14, 2011 in Havana. Laura's husband former prisoner of conscience Hector Maseda tweeted today:

"Se está celebrando ahora en sede oficial ldb (Las Damas de Blanco) el 64 aniversario natalicio Laura Pollán Toledo su lider quién falleció octubre 2011 en extrañas circunstancias. Desde Maseda"
The English translation is:

"Celebrating now at the official headquarters of the LDB (Ladies in White) the 64th anniversary of the birth of their leader, Laura Pollán Toledo, who died under strange circumstances in October 2011. From Maseda"

She would have been 64 years old today. A good day to remember her words and actions. Meanwhile state security has surrounded the Ladies in White and detained women trying to honor Laura Pollán Toledo. Even in death they still fear her.

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