Thursday, May 24, 2012

Norwegian Girl of Cuban descent on mom's side number eight with a new single on Norway's music charts

Two years after "diplomatic" incident, singer and entertainer Alexandra Joner has a hit single "Sunrise"

Update (November 28, 2012): Alexandra Joner voted Sexiest Woman in Norway

Alexandra Joner, a Norwegian girl of Cuban descent on her mother's side (age 21) has a hit single "Sunshine". Two years ago she was attacked by Cuban diplomat, Carmen Julia Guerra, as she video taped her mom holding a nonviolent demonstration at the Cuban embassy in Oslo for Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a Cuban political activist and Amnesty prisoner of conscience who died during a hunger strike in a Havana prison on February 23, 2010.
Wonderful news from Norway, Alexandra Joner now has a new hit single "Sunshine" that is number eight in Norway that was released the weekend of May 12, 2012. Writers with insight into the intricacies of pop music say that her single "may be a calling card for a much bigger look worldwide." The new single is accompanied by the video below:

Alexandra Joner, the now 21 year old Cuban-Norwegian girl who was physically assaulted by a Cuban diplomat two years ago on May 22, 2010 in Oslo in an incident that made news around the world, and  is found described in an online biography on LastFM as follows:
In 2010, in an odd turn of events, Joner was threatened and bitten by a Cuban diplomat, Carmen Julia Guerra, while outside of the Cuban embassy in Oslo. She was partaking in a non-violent demonstration in remembrance of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a Cuban political activist who died during a hunger strike in a Havana prison.
The reason that the attack became worldwide news was that it was captured on video. The image of the violent and aggressive undiplomatic diplomat, Carmen Julia Guerra, rushing across the street hurling insults as she sought to wrest away the camera from the young woman.

In the Hip Hop Magazine XXL Alexandra Joner discusses her background and the importance of her mom:
My mother is Cuban and my father is Norwegian, actually half Norwegian, half Latvian if you want to be exact. I sing and dance. I’ve been performing since I was nine. It started with ballet, then I got into hip-hop when I was 14 and I stuck to that.I live with my mom now and she definitely pushes me. When she was younger she was a salsa dancer and she played the violin. I just got a manager here in Norway and we’re trying to find that hit single.
At 2:13 in the video below Alexandra discusses her Cuban, Norwegian and Latvian heritage:

Keep an eye out for this young woman, Alexandra Joner just may conquer the pop music world. Not to mention that friends of freedom everywhere should demonstrate their solidarity for a rising artist who just two years ago was attacked for exercising her rights by purchasing her music.

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